Parisi Speed School Founder, Bill Parisi is joined by Parisi Fair Lawn Owner, Rich Sadiv, to discuss the benefits of overhead walks and proper technique for performing this drill.

In terms of difficulty, the overhead walk is the most challenging carry for an athlete, so save this for your more advanced athletes. This drill is incredible for developing core stability and flexibility in the spine and in the shoulder.

Pro Tip: Start with a much lighter weight than you would expect.

Overhead walks can be performed for 3 rounds of 40 yards, with 10-12 kg kettlebells in each hand. The walks can start holding the kettlebells in the catch position if needed.

Coaching Cues

  1. Straight overhead
  2. Keep the elbows locked
  3. Control the breathing
  4. Chin neutral
  5. Toes straight ahead
About the author : Troi Dixon

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