Stan Skolfield joins the podcast to share his strategy for developing an annual training plan for pitchers. Stan has more than 25 years of experience in the Sports Medicine and Sports Performance industry.

In addition to presenting and publishing at the regional and national level consistently throughout his career, he designed and managed the OA Performance Center, one of New England’s first fully integrated Sports Medicine, Physical Therapy, and Sports Performance facilities. Prior to this he was an Athletic Trainer and Strength Coach for the Boston Red Sox, the University of Southern Maine, and in the Cape Cod Baseball League.

His true passion is the game of baseball and Stan specialized in analyzing and correcting throwing mechanics of injured baseball athletes from youth sports all the way up to the professional athlete. His concentration in this area of Sports Medicine has allowed him to help hundreds of athletes rehabilitate from injury, improve their delivery, and throw harder. His love for Sports Medicine, Sports Performance, and coaching led him and his wife Jenny to create Skolfield Sports Performance, an avenue for aspiring athletes to reach their full potential.

About the author : Troi Dixon

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