The Anatomy of Speed is a resource like no other.

Speed comes in many forms. It is a physical skill that can be developed and improved with targeted training and a solid understanding of mechanics. The Anatomy of Speed offers equal parts science, art, and practical application to do just that.

Bill Parisi, the internationally recognized expert and founder of Parisi Speed School, delves deep into the physiological mechanisms of speed through in-depth interviews with top experts and researchers in the field.

The Anatomy of Speed converts the science into practical application, allowing you to select the most effective drills and exercises, and tailor a training program unique to your athlete’s needs.

Includes scientifically proven drills and exercises for:

  • acceleration
  • maximum velocity
  • deceleration
  • change of direction
  • agility
  • maneuverability
  • speed-specific strength

About the author : Troi Dixon

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