Combine Training: Vertical Jump

Everyone is familiar with the vertical jump, but everyone can improve their vertical jump with a couple simple strategies.

3 Challenges to Improve Your Coaching

Throughout 2020 all I heard was “this year is a wash”. Echoes of negativity rang out telling Performance Coaches to “get a new job” or to “find a side gig to pay bills.” I hated [...]

Training the Year-Round Athlete

Today more than ever, youth athletes are focusing on sports year round. Some are playing multiple sports throughout the year, while others are specializing in one or two sports a year. So, how should we [...]

Combine Training – The 40 Yard Dash

The most important combine test is the 40 yard dash. Rich Sadiv, Owner of Parisi Fair Lawn and Parisi Speed School Combine Director, breaks down the most important aspects of crushing your 40 yard dash. [...]

Linear Speed Development for Field Sport Athletes

Many coaches believe that acceleration and top speed training are entirely different. Maximum velocity training can be seen as something super complicated and hard, but if we look at it from a different lens, the [...]

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