The Benefits of Asymmetrical Carries

Parisi Speed School Founder, Bill Parisi, is joined by Parisi Fair Lawn Owner, Rich Sadiv, to discuss the benefits of asymmetrical carries for athletic performance. Carries are an incredible tool to build core stability in [...]

Opposite Arm, Opposite Leg Relationship

The body has a contralateral relationship between the arms and the legs. Sometimes kids – and even coaches – are not aware of this. Walking, marching, skipping, running… it’s all an opposite arm, opposite leg [...]

Basics of Jump Training: Landing Position

When you talk to an athlete or a parent, everyone wants to know how high they can jump… but nobody is concerned with how well they can land. We make athletes more powerful to run [...]

How Speed Can Increase Your Offensive Performance

Encourage Multi-Sport Participation I block people on Twitter who argue that specialization gives kids a better chance to make it to the “next level”. Private trainers everywhere preach “next level” bullshit. I troll the head [...]

Combine Training: Vertical Jump

Everyone is familiar with the vertical jump, but everyone can improve their vertical jump with a couple simple strategies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5YIVpE6UTg&feature=emb_logo

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