We offer specialized training programs for athletes of all ages and abilities. Their classes are based on the proven Parisi Training System, and include Jump Start (ages 7-11), Total Performance (ages 12-14), and  Elite Training (ages 14+).  We also offer one-on-one training sessions, team training, and sports-specific programs.

Jump Start Ages (7-11)

Get ready to kickstart your journey to enhanced speed and agility with our Jumpstart class at Parisi Speed School. Perfect for beginners and those looking to build a solid foundation, this class focuses on fundamental techniques, strength training, and proper form. Our certified coaches will guide you through a dynamic and engaging program designed to boost your athleticism and set the stage for future success.

Elite Training (Ages 14+)

Unleash your full potential with our Elite class at Parisi Speed School. Designed for high-performance athletes and individuals seeking elite-level training, this program is an intensive, results-driven experience. Our expert coaches will implement cutting-edge methodologies, personalized performance assessments, and advanced training protocols to optimize your speed, power, and agility. Elevate your athleticism to elite status and conquer the competition with the Parisi Speed School Elite class. Are you ready to redefine your limits?

Advanced Athlete Sessions

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Elevate your training to elite levels with our Advanced Athlete class at Parisi Speed School. Tailored for those who have mastered the fundamentals, this class focuses on refining advanced techniques, honing sport-specific skills, and pushing the boundaries of physical performance. Our experienced coaches will implement specialized drills, targeted strength training, and strategic conditioning to optimize your athleticism. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or on the path to becoming one, the Advanced Athlete class is designed to unlock your full potential and take your skills to unparalleled heights. Are you ready to redefine what’s possible in your athletic journey? Join us at Parisi Speed School’s Advanced Athlete class.

Reflexion Board (All Ages)

Elevate your mental game with our Reflexion Board at Parisi Speed School. Beyond physical prowess, success in sports and life often hinges on mental strength and focus. The Reflexion Board is a unique tool designed to sharpen cognitive skills, enhance decision-making abilities, and cultivate a winning mindset. Through interactive drills and strategic challenges, participants will develop heightened awareness, quick thinking, and resilience. Join us on the cutting edge of sports psychology and give yourself the mental edge to outperform the competition.

Shredmill Classes

Embark on a transformative cardio journey with our SHREDmill class at Parisi Speed School. Beyond a traditional treadmill workout, this class is a masterclass in running form and ground propulsion. Our certified coaches will guide you through precision techniques to optimize your running mechanics, emphasizing proper posture and effective foot placement. The SHREDmill, equipped to track MPH and distance, enables an unlimited indoor running experience.
In this class, you’ll delve into high-intensity intervals, incline variations, and speed challenges, all while receiving real-time feedback on your performance. Unleash your full running potential as you learn to harness the power of each stride. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or looking to improve your form, the SHREDmill class is your key to elevating cardiovascular fitness, refining your running technique, and achieving peak performance indoors. Get ready to cover unlimited distances with purpose and precision, only at Parisi Speed School.

Total Performance (Ages 12-14)

Elevate your game to the next level with our Total Performance class at Parisi Speed School. Geared towards individuals who have mastered the basics, this class integrates advanced speed and strength training techniques to enhance overall athletic performance. Our experienced coaches will tailor the program to address specific goals, pushing you to achieve new heights in speed, agility, and total fitness. Whether you’re an aspiring athlete or a fitness enthusiast, Total Performance is your pathway to peak physical condition.

Peak Classes

Unleash your peak potential with our exclusive 1v1 Sessions at Parisi Speed School. Tailored for individual athletes seeking personalized attention and a focused training approach, these sessions provide an intensive, one-on-one experience with our top-tier coaches. Whether you’re targeting specific skill development, refining techniques, or addressing unique fitness goals, our coaches will create a customized program to elevate your performance. Take advantage of this opportunity to receive dedicated guidance, immediate feedback, and a training plan crafted for your success. It’s time to reach your peak with Parisi Speed School’s 1v1 Sessions.